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DataforGood is a solution for organizations that wants to take a proactive approach in reporting and acting on their efforts towards sustainability (ESG).

DataforGood is a solution for organizations that wants to take a proactive approach in reporting andacting on their efforts towards sustainability (ESG).

It provides a standatized, systematic and transparent way of measuring environmental, social and governance impacts of companies and enables organizations to understand how this contribute to theachievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

Why Data For Good ?

Align Your Organization’s Purpose, Strategy and Performance

Gather context on your organization and value chain, determine and prioritize impacts along the way, while mapping them out is the first step towards creating awareness and being proactive in driving your organization’s effort to contribute to creating a better future.

Measure Your Organization’s Impacts in a Comparable, Credible and Transparent Way

Datalitiks has teamed up with Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). As members of their community, we are committed to following and deliver part best practices on sustainability reporting.

Insight From Your ESG Data to Measure Your Sustainability Efforts

Contribute to create a better future by taking action. Track progress over time by implementing changes and monitor their impact on organizational performance and SDG contributions.

Build Awareness Across Your Organization

Share insight onhow your organization’s initiatives contribute to the bigger picture, by contributing to Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

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Find The Impacts That Matter.

Our team of experts will help you to identify the most relevant impacts to monitor and measure based on your expectations from your company and its stakeholders. By using surveys, organizing multistakeholder workshops to define the most relevant aspects to measure, and conducting sectorial research, we will help you to identify the most relevant impacts to measure and monitor.

Track Your Impact With Data and Capture Your Initiatives For Change.

Measure your impacts on a regular basis using GRI standards, which will allow tracking your sustainability efforts in a comparable, transparent and efficient way. Impacts will be translated into measurable metrics using internal and external data sources.

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Visualize Your Sustainability Efforts With Our Interactive Reports.

Gain visibility from your data in form of compelling data insights. Stay ahead of your sustainability efforts by accessing the interactive dashboards that our data platform offers. We assist you in defining a clear picture that shows your efforts in ESG. Keep track of those initiatives that contribute to positive change. Discover what other organizations are doing towards sustainability.

Raise Awareness on How Your ESG Efforts Contribute to a Wider Picture: Sustainable Development Goals.

Access to our suite of reports related to Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Understand how your impacts contribute to the economies your organization operates. Raise awareness on how your organization contributes towards building a better future by embedding sustainability data-driven action.

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