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Helping organizations unlock value from their data with innovative and cost-effective solutions.


passionate about data, AI, and, its use to improve business processes. Our mission at datalitiks is to create value out of data while driving positive change

Curiosity keeps us constantly learning, which allows us to approach problems with a fresh and innovative mindset.

In our minds is ingrained to democratize the use of technologies while empowering people to achieve more with them. Providing cost-effective solutions is a way to turn it into a reality in the markets we operate.

We connect the dots to see the bigger picture and act on genuine data insights about topics that matter to all. We do #dataforgood.

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our mission


Our mission is to drive positive change using data for good. Unlocking value from data by empowering people with the knowledge while using technology as enabler is our way to take our purpose into action.

our vision


We want to empower people to make better use of data by providing the knowledge and the tools for that. Creating data awareness not only transforms organizations but helps to connect the data dots in key topics that are important to society.

our goals


Speeding up the data journey of organizations, empowering their people to achieve more. We aim to be a data innovation hub that uses public data to connect the dots to raise awareness on key topics that matter to all in society.

Data for good

Data is at the centre of everything we do, but that is not enough. Access to the right technology and knowledge are the pillars to build a data-driven organization.

This concept needs to apply further than only to organizations. We believe in using data for good, using data to create awareness of key topics to create a better society.

At datalitiks, we act as a data hub between public and private sectors, delivering valuable data insights on topics such as poverty, gender equality, and climate change.

Unlocking value out of data is our mission and doing data for good is our contribution to a better world.

Data For Good
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Supporting Your Data Journey

Towards a data-driven transformation. We put data to work in identifying business cases, setting up an agile plan of action, and implementing solutions. Solutions for each step of your journey with the aim of getting the maximum return on your data and AI initiatives.

Data Insights | Data Science | AI

From data to insight. Uncover new insights by connecting the right data points using the latest technology. Ask a question. We will give you the answers in compelling stories easy to understand for your audience.

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Data Democratization

Data Literacy and Awareness. We help you to empower your people to achieve more with data. From technical training to specific tools to workshops, we will help you create a data culture across your organization.

Self Service BI | CI/CD Best Practices

Implement the right framework to empower your team to consume data efficiently while creating the right space for collaboration.

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Action Your Data & Work Efficiently

From insight to action. Put your data to work by using automation tools and low-code apps. Increase efficiency by using data to act on your insights and, create a positive impact.

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Finding Talent

We search for the top 10% of talent. IT and Data Specialists who will have a significant impact on your organisation.

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