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Datalitiks: From Purpose To Action

Grew up listening U2. Inspired by the Bono’s lyrics about changing the world and how we must use our ideas to create a better world. But an idea -no matter how big or small- to succeed, needs to be backed up with the right numbers. At that time how to reduce poverty in Africa was my passion after having read my first economics books from Jeffrey Sachs. The idea of contributing to a better world using data and numbers made me want to become an economist. Seeing how Esther Duflo was using data to drive change in less fortunate countries was a big-time inspiration. By the time I had finished college and wondering the next step, the Big Data hype arrived in Barcelona stronger than ever. And a powerful lesson came from that: at the rate that technology was evolving, something different than an Excel and the usual statistical tools were going to be needed to run models that would support the increasing data volumes. Learning about the new tools was the next step in the journey.

Technology an enabler of change

Got subscribed to the whole Microsoft concept of democratizing the use of data empowering people to achieve more with technology at the very first steps of entering in the tech world. Power BI, a relatively easy tool to learn and at an affordable cost became my to go tool to spread that vision every organization I went. At that time, early dreams got parked and got immerse in the corporate world. Telecomms – one of the most highly intensive sectors – became my playground to experiment and innovate. Big volumes of data, challenging data models and big opportunities to create impact while learning.
Great years becoming a data evangelizer and a data ninja. From rolling out dashboards, pushing for the use of innovative and cost-efficient technologies, coming up with advanced data insights to create impact in the organization to just simply spread the love for data while empowering people with the knowledge to achieve more with those new tools. Top it up with a glimpse on data monetization that give me the full experience going through a data journey.

Shaping the mission

At some point of this journey, I wanted to scale this. Making sure more organizations were aware on how to unlock value out of data and drive change providing them the right technology and knowledge became my goal. Best place to put that in motion is consulting. Reaching out to multiple organizations and helping them in the process. Building on the soft skills came with the new mission. Great lessons on how to sell ideas, address the right audience and manage expectations were some of them. But still, as an economist with big dreams I wanted to have the opportunity to create a more macro perspective. Doing Data for Good.

From purpose to action

I wanted to be the kind of entrepreneur that takes the idea into action. Datalitiks is the result of this process. We want to empower organizations to use technologies and knowledge related to data to drive change. But most important we want to use data for good. We want to act as a middle ground between public and private sector to connect the dots in creating awareness on the bigger picture for important topics that matter to achieve a better world.

Over the past year, we have gone from ideation to action. From purpose to impact. We have had the opportunity to test our solutions and approach with international renowned organizations that share similar values. This has reinforced our mission and give us the confidence to scale up.

There is a long and exciting journey ahead of us, our team is committed in taking datalitiks mission to the next level and living up to our core values. We are passionate about what we do, with curious mindsets coming up with the most innovative and cost effective solutions. We want to empower people across organizations to use data and new technologies unlock the value of their data and drive change. But most important, we want to contribute to a better world doing data for good.

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